Are You Considering a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps have been popular in the southern states for a long time but not until recently has their popularity began to spread into the northern states. For those who aren’t familiar with heat pumps, it is an air conditioner that also works in reverse to heat your home during the colder months. When paired up with a gas furnace, it’s a fabulous, cost-effective way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Stan and his Plumb Perfect team have plenty of experience in heat pump installation.
Are You Considering a Heat Pump?

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps move heat from one area to another, basically. In the summer, it works as an air conditioner and pumps (ie. moves) the indoor heat to the outdoors. In the winter, it does the opposite by pushing outside air in, warming it, and pumping it into the home.

The benefits of a heat pump

The energy efficiency of heat pumps is what makes them more and more appealing to people. They can cut your electricity use by 50%! While they do require electricity to function, they produce up to three times more energy than they use. Systems like furnaces can only produce as much energy as they consume. Heat pumps are different because heat isn’t being created, just moved.
Are You Considering a Heat Pump?

Can it handle a Vermont winter?

Heat pumps alone can keep your home warm at a savings down to 30 degrees. When the temperature drops below that a backup heat system is required. This is why it is best paired with a gas furnace. This is called a dual fuel system or hybrid heating system. The furnace is used as supplemental heat only when the heat pump can no longer heat the house sufficiently on its own. You get the energy efficiency of a heat pump for most of the winter but can still meet your heating needs in the coldest parts of a Vermont winter.
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