Upgrade to a Boiler Heating System and Save $100 Now

With autumn officially here we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that the temperatures are now falling into the 30s. Foliage is changing fast and frost is in the forecast for northern Vermont. It won’t be long before the snow flies. As we wake up to a chillier house each morning, thoughts turn to our heating systems and when we’ll first turn them on. If you’ve been considering an upgrade, you can get $100 off a furnace and boiler installation and replacement at this time.
Upgrade to a Boiler Heating System and Save $100 Now
Autumn is your last chance before winter sets in to get that new heating system installed. Don’t make this be another year that you spend in a drafty house with outrageous repair bills for that old furnace. No matter which type of heating system you go with – boiler or furnace — it’s important to consider the advantages of each.

How Boiler Systems Work

A boiler heating system uses water to distribute heat throughout the house. We install a network of pipes through the subfloor of each room in your home. When the system is turned on the boiler heats and distributes water throughout the pipes. As the water flows through the network of pipes, the heat radiates off the pipes and into the rooms of your home. Forced air furnace systems, are different in that they use air to circulate heat throughout the house.

Advantages of Boiler Systems

A boiler system uses less energy than a forced air system does meaning your electric bills are going to go down. Water is a better thermal conductor than air. This means it warms up faster and retains heat for longer. Boilers also heat rooms much more comfortably than forced air systems, because this method of heat distribution prevents hot and cold spots from forming.
Stay warmer with a boiler heating system

Local Installation

At Plumb Perfect we can install Weil McLain GV90+ and HTP VersaFlame high mass combination boilers for you in the greater Champlain Valley area. Whether you need the traditional reliability of American made Cast Iron oil or gas boilers, or the latest high efficiency boiler systems, we have the experience necessary to help you make the best choice for your home.
High efficiency modulating water boilers are the fastest growing segment in hydronics. These products are generally lightweight, space saving, and utilize advanced controls and operating systems.
Cast iron boilers are known for their rugged reliability, operating efficiencies and longevity. Our products range from small residential boilers to the large cast iron models.
Give Stan a call at Plumb Perfect at 802-233-5564 when you want to talk heating systems and specifically boilers.